Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Microsoft Visual Studio Lesson # 01

What is Microsoft Visual Studio ?
Number of books are available to explain this but lets discuss in short, Its Development Environment developed for programming using Visual Language is developed by Microsoft Company.

How to start learning of Microsoft Visual Studio?
Best way to learn Microsoft Visual Studio is to start development of program with definition. Here we will demonstrate demo of different application with coding to understand the world of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Which Version of Microsoft Visual Studio we are going to discuss here ?
Here we will start demo of Visual Studio 2008 onward.

Lets start Microsoft Visual Studio First Hello world Application !

There are two ways to start Microsoft Visual Studio 

1) Goto Start -> Run   Type : devenv and press Enter (Shortcut way to run Microsoft Visual Studio)

2) Goto Start -> Program Files -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 -> Visual Studio 2008

Lets Develop Hello World Application Using Microsoft Visual Studio.

* Hope you have already open Visual Studio.
* Now Goto File -> New -> Project.

* Select Project Type : Visual Basic -> Windows
* Select Templates : Windows Forms Application.
* Select Framework : .Net Framework 3.5
* Write Name of Application
* Write Path (You can skip this it will consider default path)
* Write Solution Name (You can skip this it will consider as per Application Name)

* Press Ok
* Your Project is Ready with Basic Code.
* Now add Button from Toolbox to Scree as shown in the figure. (If toolbox is not visible goto View menu and Click on ToolBox or Press Ctrl + Alt + X )
* First Click on Common Controls or All Windows Forms
* Double Click on Button Control to add Button into our forms.
* Move Button1 to Center of the screen.

* Now double click on Button1 to write code for this button.

* Now Press F5 to Run Your First Project !!!!
* Click on Button1 it will display message as follow :

Still Having Doubts, Post Comment We will try to resolve it.


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