Tuesday, April 16, 2013

User Defined Exception in Java with Example

User defined Exception in Java

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                        In this article we will see User Defined Exception. User Defined Exception means exception class created by User. Built-in exceptions provided by the Exception and Error classes may not always be enough to trap errors occurring in the program. There may be case where there is a need to create user-defined exceptions. User-defined class should be subclass of the Exception class.

The advantage of sub-classing the exception the Exception class is that the new exception type can be caught separately from other subclasses of Throwable.

Example of User-defined Exception is following,

class UseDefinedException extends Exception{
                String msg = "";
                int marks;
                public UseDefinedException(){

                public UseDefinedException(String str){
                public String toString(){
                                if(marks <= 50){
                                                msg = "You have failed";

                                if (marks > 50){
                                                msg = "You have Passed";
                                return msg;

public class Test{
                public static void main(String args[]){
                                Test t = new Test();
                public void method(){
                                                int i=0;

                                                if( i < 50)
                                                                throw new UseDefinedException();

                                catch(UseDefinedException ude){
                                                System.out.println("User Defined Exception :: "+ude);

It's Output will be,


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