Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to Install Java and Set Classpath : Configure Java Class Path

How to Install Java and Set Classpath : Configure classpath to execute Java Program.

To run Java program, It is necessary to install java and set class path to your system. After installing java to your system, for window, you can see path, c:/program files/java/jdk 1.x.
Jdk is combination of JRE + JVM. Which makes run time environment for system, that makes java platform-independent language.

Here, following is steps to set classpath to your system

1)  Install java
2)  Right click on, My computer, click properties --> press environment variables and then,
     go to path, and following by ";(semicolon)", "c:\program files\java\jdk 1.6\bin", paste  the     path
3)  then, check, weather java is properly installed or not in command prompt.
4)  in cmd(goto start menu -> run write cmd and press enter)
, type javac + ENTER
5)  you will get, list of commands...
6)  if you get that, then java is installed...

Download Link for Java

* JRE Link : Download 

Coming Soon : A Simple Java Program, Access Specifier, Packages


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