C Programming

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Note: All programs are developed and tested using Turbo C++ 3.0 under Windows XP. We just want to provide guidelines to the users. If you are using any other Compiler or other operating system they you need to modify this program as per your requirements. 

7. C Language Example # 01 Hello World

8. C Language Example # 02 Simple Calculator Using C

9. C Language Example # 03 Simple Result Generator Based on Input Marks of 7 Subject

10. C Language Example # 04 Find Age of the Person by asking their birth year and current year

19. C Language Example # 13 For Loop Example : Display Numbers Up to N Terms in Reverse Order

20. C Language Example # 14 For Loop Example : Display Sum of 1 to N Terms.

21. C Language Example # 15 Loop Example : Display Reverse Number of the given integer number.

22. C Language Example # 16 Loop Example : Recursion : Calling of function itself from its body

23. C Language Example # 17 String Example : Find length of string

24. C Language Example # 18 String Example : Count Number of Words from String

25. C Language Example # 19 String Example : Convert string from lower to upper without function

26. C Language Example # 20 String Example : Convert string from Upper to lower without function

27. C Language Example # 21 Example : Change Font Color and Background Color in C

28. C Language Example # 22 Example : Count Number of Vowels from the given string

29. C Language Example # 23 Example : Find character from string

30. C Language Example # 30 Array Example : Sum of All Elements of Array

31. C Language Example # 31 Find out odd and even numbers from Array

32.C Language Example # 32 Find average from array elements

33.C Language Example # 33 Sum of two array into third array.

34.C Language Example # 34 Find length of character array using strlen function

35.C Language Example # 35 Find positive, negative and zero valued numbers from array

36.C Language Example # 36 Find Date Difference : Date Difference Month wise

37.C Language Example # 37 Convert sting to upper case without using toupper function

38.C Language Example # 38 Simple Array Multiplication

42. C Language Example # 42 Find Maximum and Minimum from Array and Find Sum of Digit of Maximum Number

Note: All programs are developed and tested using Turbo C++ 3.0 under Windows XP. We just want to provide guidelines to the users. If you are using any other Compiler or other operating system they you need to modify this program as per your requirements. 


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