Monday, December 24, 2012

What is C Language | Define C Language | Introduction to C Language

What is C Language or Define C Language
C Language is a high level language developed by Dennis Ritchie during 1969. C Language is widely popular language because of their features. Most important features of the C Language is that: It is very much easy to understand and its similar to our English Language. Another features of C Language is that its very near to Machine or assembly language. (Machine can understand only machine language that is 0 and 1 while assembly language can have some instructions like add, sub, mul, etc.) before discussing the syntax and example of C Language lets discuss the background of the C Language and how C Language came into existence.

What is Language
Language is the way to explain something. For better understanding both person (speaker and listener) should require the knowledge of the same language or the method.

What is Machine Language
The language which can be understand by the Machine is called as machine language, Generally machine can understand only binary language that is know as 0 (off) and 1 (on). Its basically done by  preparing circuits.

What is Assembly Language
Assembly language is the language near to machine language and somewhat difficult to understand than C Language.

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