Thursday, December 27, 2012

List of Most Frequently Asked Questions of C Language

Most Frequently Asked Questions of C Language for BCA, MCA, PGDCA Students

1. Explain Major Components of C Program.
2. Write a note on Control Structure and Looping Structure with example.
3. Differentiate between getch() and getchar().
4. What is an Array ?, Write a note on 1D, 2D and 3D Array with Example.
5. What is Function ? Explain types of Function.
6. Define Variable. Whey there is a need of variable ?
7. List out the keywords of C Language.
8. Explain use of escape sequence with an example.
9. Compare use of if-else statement with the use of ? :  (Conditional operator) operator. When will you prefer to use ? : (conditional operator) ? Why ?
10. Explain nested IF Else Statement.
11. What are the different storage classes available in C Language?
12. What is the difference between break and continue?
13. Distinguish between while and do-while loop.
14. What do you understand by the scope and lifetime of a variable ? Describe various storage classes that a C Language Variable can have.
15. What is the significance of Array ?
16. Discuss dynamic memory allocation vs. Static memory allocation.
17. What do you mean by dynamic memory allocation? Explain how memory can be allocated dynamically.

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