Thursday, April 18, 2013

What will happen of your Google Account when you Die ?

What will happened of your Gmail Account when you die ?

Have you think like this before, I don't think so. But as is very popular website for sending email. Google has think that if people die then what to do with his/her data ? Answer came into the mind that Can we give access to another person from user's relative or friends whom he/she trust.

Google has started their search engine before 10 years and become popular. After launching successful search engine google has started a number of products and counting...  Do you aware that how many products are launched by the google ? We will give you brief summary of the same in the forthcoming article.
If you have google account and you are using more than 10 Applications from then you have to think that what will happen if you die and your account is locked then you may loose some important conversations or documents as you are using number of google products.

So Finally Google came up with the "Google Inactive" Option. Here you need to setup the person details to whom you would like to give access if you die or you are enable to access your google account for few months or more.

To setup Google Inactive Click here 

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