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OOCP (CPP) : Example # 01 : Hello World using C++

OOCP (CPP)  :  Example # 01 :  Hello World using C++

* Lets start learning CPP (C++) Using Example.

* Hello World using C++

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//Title : OOCP (CPP)  :  Example # 01 :  Hello World using C++.

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>

void main()

cout << "Hello World";
cout << "\n";


Guidelines for Object Oriented Concepts & Programming (CPP) (C++)

  << Insersion Operator

  >> Extraction Operator

  cout is a Predefined Object not function

  \t Horizontal Tab

  \n New Line
  \" Double Quote
  \' Single Quote
  \b Back Space
  \r Carriage Return at same line (Like Home Key)
  \a Beep



* You will find Hello World as output

OOCP (CPP)  :  Example # 01 :  Hello World using C++.

* Simply run your program as before and will get output as Hello World

Note: All programs are developed and tested using Turbo C++ 3.0 under Windows XP. We just want to provide guidelines to the users. If you are using any other Compiler or other operating system they you need to modify this program as per your requirements. 


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